Lee Hall Appeal

Having been refused planning permission by Bolton Council for the 300-dwelling development on land to the north of Platt Lane, developers Persimmon/Peel Holdings, not unexpectedly but disappointingly in light of the local concerns and evident problems with any development at Lee Hall, launched an appeal late November (27/11/16) - Appeal Notice (November).

This means that the October 2015 planning application refusal would be scrutinised by the Planning Inspectorate, the decision to overturn the earlier decision decided by a Planning Inspector following a Public Enquiry. This has been further delayed from late April.

Timetable and Documentation

New date for appeal following postponement (from 5th July) to assess traffic impact:

Wednesday, 7 June 2017
Venue to be confirmed
It is expected to last up to 4 days.

Both Council and Developer have submitted their cases, with further evidence to be provided. A Planning Inspector final decision to be issued shortly after hearing. Documentation for the 2015 planning application can be found here (Ref: 94696/15).

Key evidence dates:

Submission of Statement of Common Ground - before 7 June (factual information not in dispute, thus not in need of consideration by the Inspector); Submission of Proofs of Evidence - 7 June; Witness names and anticipated duration for 'Opening and Closing Statements', 'Evidence in Chief' and 'Cross Examination of Other Parties' Witnesses' - 14 June.

The deadline for written comments from interested parties was 25 January (2016); however, a copy of any representations received by the Council at application stage have been passed on and will be on file for the Inspector's consideration. The public are welcome to attend the inquiry where they can request the opportunity to speak or submit further written representations at the discretion of the Inspector.

The issue of the further loading of Chequerbent roundabout is the main problem facing planners. Further traffic studies have been undertaken by consultants, and also be local residents. Lee Hall has been included in draft plans for the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

Important Appeal Documentation (taken from Council website)

The Lee Hall Appeal reference is: reference: APP/N4205/W/15/3139219

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